Incari Studio 2022.2

A new way of creating and experiencing HMI
Incari Studio 2022.2

The new Incari Studio release is available now. Investigate new ways to create, experience, and employ HMI solutions. No coding experience is required. Our software provides tools for logic coding, 3D animation, technology integration, and more.

More features, more creativity

Your number one HMI software solution complementing and optimizing the entire UI/UX creation process.

  • Tagging System

    Tagging system

  • Nested prefabs

    Nested prefabs

  • Input types

    Input types

  • Post effects

    Post effects

  • Virtual & mixed reality

    Virtual & mixed reality

  • 2D workflow

    2D workflow

Increase flexibility through Nested Prefabs

Complete larger and more complex structures with Nested Prefabs. Maintain Prefab references in another Prefab, providing increased usability flexibility to accommodate operations and structural changes.

  • Trigger prefab

    Trigger your Prefab from within a nested Prefab.

  • Import Prefabs

    Quick and seamless importing

  • Save Prefebs

    Our fastest saving and loading times yet

  • File size

    Smaller sized projects

Enriched visuals through Post Effects

Maximize the user experience through high-quality visuals. With Incari’s new Post Effects, you take your designs to the next level. Easily apply effects to your scenes for the desired look and feel. Introducing Bloom and Lens Flare, we encourage you to explore.

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Work smarter with Tags

Keep your digital workspace organized through tagging and grouping. The new Incari Studio 2022.2 Tagging system allows you to group, filter, and apply operations swiftly and efficiently.

Search for tags and apply operations in no time.

Optimized for Extended Reality

Immersive tech is becoming indispensable in meeting developmental and consumer-facing needs. Stay ahead of the curve and explore your options with Virtual and Mixed Reality.

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Cut costs, save time, and increase sales by enabling…

  • VR prototyping

    Digital twin prototyping

  • Training in VR

    Virtual training opportunities

  • Maintenence in VR

    MR vehicle maintenance

  • VR Showrooms

    Immersive showrooms

New 2D workflow and component library

Get more out of your UI designs with our new 2D workflow. A complementing workflow to our existing 3D workspace. Elegantly combine your 2D and 3D components and increase efficiency.

  • 2D Workflow - Pixel Space

    Pixel space aware

  • 2D Workflow Position alignment

    Position alignment upon import

  • 2D Workflow - Photoshop and Figma

    Predefined 2D component library

  • Compotents Library

    Personalize Incari’s GUI components with CSS

Extended Input Types for enhanced UX

Revolutionize the way users experience your products with Input Types. Create a higher level of realism, enjoyment, and spacial awareness optimization. With hand tracking and haptics, you can now advance your UX design.

Incari Studio 2022.2 helps you to redefine how people interact with machines.

The largest update to date

With our latest release, we have added more features than ever before.

  • Extended protocols 

    Efficient communication between devices with our newest protocols.

  • New logic nodes

    Extended nodes like pre-defined commands, objects, and events.

  • Custom shader editor

    Defined with custom controls and data range validation.

  • Cross-compilation and target

    Easily compile your code and transfer it onto a different system.

  • Lottie

    Create high-quality animations with decreased loading and shipping time.

  • Logic plugin

    Assemble your own nodes in C++ and easily import them.

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Incari Hub is your central access point to all Incari products. Manage your projects, download demos, access documentation texts, and be part of the Incari Community on our forum.

Next to Incari Studio, Incari Hub has also gotten an upgrade. We have extended our endpoint support, applied community feedback and uploaded new demo projects for you to play around with.

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Try our new Incari Studio release and elevate your HMI interactions.

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  • CAN-Bus capabilites
  • Visual Programming
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