Incari Player

Incari Player is a product solution that can display previously created HMI surfaces from Incari Studio. The in-car runtime environment is seamlessly integrated on the target platform between vehicles, peripherals, and drivers for the best user experience. Incari Player provides a simple infrastructure and interfaces for services, maintenance, updates, and upgrades for HMI systems of all kinds.

  • Third-party modules

    Integrate and customize third-party software modules as per corporate needs to leverage the full capabilities of a complex HMI system with a variety of external hardware and software suppliers.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with automotive hardware platforms. It is cross-compiled to target and allows the best performance on each platform.

  • Real-Time Engine

    Runs independently and if necessary as a redundant thread within the operating system. It uses the full performance of its available platform. A connection to the required peripherals can be integrated.

  • Real-time logic

    Predefined logic, widgets, and other functions from Incari Studio are exposed to the player. All features are interpreted and rendered in real time.

  • Security mechanisms

    Incari Player ensures secure encryption, secured service layer access, and segregated security containers. The access rights are managed efficiently in secured ACLs with several authentication and security layers.

Minimum requirements

  • CPU

    ANY embedded CPU Architecture

    CPU Architecture
  • RAM

    Minimum of 256 MB main memory

    Main Memory
  • GPU

    Any SoC which supports OpenGL 3.3 or OpenGL ES 3.0

    Graphics Board
  • OS

    Embedded Linux, QNX, Yocto Project OS, GreenHills, Angstrom, Automotive Grade Linux,...

    Operating Systems
  • I/O

    Bluetooth, CANBUS, WIFI, HMDI, LVDS, ...

    Supported I/O

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