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The future of the mobility industry is taking place in a new reality

Immersive tech is becoming indispensable for meeting both developmental and consumer-facing needs. That is why Incari Studio 2022.2 now supports Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Find out why we believe this new feature is a must.

Staying ahead of the curve

A rapidly growing trend is the implementation of Extended Reality (XR) within the Mobility Industry. XR can optimize and improve prototype testing, self-driving car trials, operative training, and showroom experiences.

The who, the what, and the why

Extended reality is the collective name for computer-generated environments that combine the real- and virtual world. Under this umbrella term falls Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Here is a brief summary of each immersive reality:

  • Virtual Reality: VR is fully immersive. Your senses are triggered to believe that you are in a completely new environment.
  • Augmented Reality: AR enhances the real world by layering visual elements over the physical world.
  • Mixed Reality: In MR the real world merges with a virtual one, creating a hybrid. In MR the real and the virtual worlds, elements and objects can interact to create a fully immersive experience.

Optimizing sustainability, road safety, and budgets

Utilizing Extended Reality is beneficial at various stages. Use Incari Studio 2022.2 to take your HMI projects to the next level by integrating Virtual and Mixed Reality. No coding knowledge is needed. To demonstrate why we believe this to be so, here are some ways that we feel VR and MR can contribute to a variety of processes:

  • Virtual prototyping

Saving money, resources, and time. User Interface prototyping is time and cost-intensive. Instead of relying on real-world physical prototypes, you can use digital twins* to interact with your product in the virtual world. Bug testing, visual evaluations, and more no longer require a fully produced physical prototype. Create your UI in Incari Studio and test each element ahead of construction.

  • Training

Training for pilots and drivers, for example, often requires scenarios that cannot be recreated in real life. Extended reality makes it possible to create simulations in which even life-threatening situations can be tested.

  • Vehicle maintenance

New tech can mean increased complexity when it comes to vehicles. Porsche is already using AR glasses to decrease its service resolution time as technicians can see a vehicle’s diagrammatic on top of the physical car for quicker and more precise troubleshooting.

  • Immersive showrooms

A hands-on, top-tier showroom experience is a great tool to help in the sales process. By combining a car seat prototype and a VR headset you can provide your customer with a 3D and 360-degree virtual tour of any new vehicle. If customizations are available, you can apply changes to the XR prototype and have the customer review them in real time.

Incari Studi is moving into another universe

We see and understand the possibilities and benefits of Extended Reality in HMI solutions. Incari Studio 2022.2 supports Varjo API and OpenXR and is optimized for both Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. In future releases, Augmented Reality will also be sustained.

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