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INCARI Studio 1.5 released

NCARI Studio 1.5 released
We have released INCARI Studio 1.5. Checkout all the cool new features and tools, whcih help you to crete HMIs fast and easy.
See the whats new section below.

Whats new in INCARI Studio 1.5


Multi Threading / Application Performance

Core components of INCARI Studio have been refactored in oder to run faster and more stable, the overall application performance increased, loading times decreased.

Opacity on Nodes and groups

All Nodes in „Scene Outliner“ have now an opacity parameter as atrribute added. Opacity also works on „Group“ nodes. This allows grouped objects to be set as transparent or opaque at once.

INCARI Studio 1.5 Opacity

Node Branch Highlighting

In order to find the right logic branch, it is now possible to highlight the selected node branch to identify the logic for that branch.

INCARI Studio 1.5 Highlight Node Branch

INCARI Player Resolution Modes

The content oft he INCARI Player simulation window can be scaled to fit the scren resolution. Sometimes assets are bigger than the screen. Setting a scale factor enables a proper display of he content in the simulation window

INCARI Player Resolution Mode

CAN Manager / Editor

CAN communication setup can now be found in the „Project Settings“ window. In the CAN manager you can set the path of  the DBC file and the interface name.

CAN Manager INCARI Studio

New Logic Nodes


Arrays can store multiple data. With arrays data values can be manipulated by traversing through the array with a function loop.

INCARI Studio Array

For loop / for each loop

INCARI Studio offers now loops as a programming toolset. For each loops can interate through arrays and get or set values of hat array.

INCARI STudio For Each Node

Opacity Logic Node

Opacity of any scene object can now be controlled via INCARI logic. This allows fade animations and set visibility during logic execution.

INCARI Studio Opacity Node


Actions are a new way to create anaimations in INCARI Studio. Now it is possible to create a „FadeTo“, „Rotate“, „Scale“ and „Delay“ actions via logic. In a complex HMI System animations are neccesary to set position and visibility of widgets according to the current HMI state.

INCARI Studio Actions

Scene Transitions

Scene transitions allow switches between two scenes in an elegant way. It is now possible to slide, fade or blend two scenes for smooth transitions.

INCARI Studio Scene Transitions

Tint Node in Logic

The „tint“ node allows an interactive colorization of sprites via logic. Icons can be tinted for example to show different severety states.

INCARI Studio Tint Sprite

Change materials on 3D geometry via logic

It is now possible to switch materials of 3D Models interactively via INCARI logic.

INCARI Studio Set Material

JavascriptCallBack Node

Using the Javascript callback node allows the reception of processed javascript variables from external websites. Now it is possible not to only call JS functions, you can now also receive values from a JS function.

INCARI Studio Javascript Callback Node

On Scene Update Node

„OnSceneUpdate“ triggers a pulse as fast as the render engine is updating. This allows a synchronization of logic and render engine.

INCARI Studio On Scene Update

On Variable Set/Change Event

Variables in INCARI Logic can now trigger specific events once their value has been set or changed. This is useful for occasions when states are changing in the logics module.

INCARI Studio Variable Change Event