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Watch our brand new vision film about Incari technology

Together with filmmaker Michael de Vries, we at Incari have created a brand new vision film. A movie that shows what Incari is all about: Redefining the interaction between humans and machines. Our vision is to create a European digital ecosystem that is an alternative for the whole world in the future. Now everyone can get a glimpse of what that future might look like with Incari technology.

The world is evolving into an environment where people and machines interact constantly. Real and digital realms are merging. Incari provides solutions that enable visualizations and interactions in this reality characterized by multiscreen and 3D environments. Responsible and invisible. Filmmaker Michael de Vries has now visualized our vision so that everyone can get a feeling of what a future with Incari technology looks like.

Responsible for designing the UI in the video is Nik Hill, who has previously designed the animations and UI for movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy. He worked for Territory Studios before becoming the owner of his own company, 23rdC studios.
They created a video illustrating Incari’s approach: We want to build a digital infrastructure that gives everyone sovereignty over their personal data and conserves natural resources. An infrastructure that will make the development and use of technology as easy and fair as possible.
For this purpose, we are creating a completely new digital ecosystem with five pillars: an application development platform, an operating system, hardware, a marketplace, and computer components.

Our Application Development Platform

Our platform makes complex issues easy to master, helps to develop better HMIs, allows more freedom in design and is accessible without programming knowledge. It is to become the definitive software for HMI development worldwide. In the automotive and mobility sector i.e., for cars, boats, airplanes, or bicycles as well as in other industries, i.e., in medicine or for smart home solutions.

Incari OS

With Incari OS, we are developing a Linux-based, fully mature European operating system that shapes a dynamic skin, closely embedding the vital parts of any given application, hence delivering maximum performance, safety, and energy efficiency while requiring a minimum of space.
European values, rules and standards in the digital world provide us with a design framework and a global competitive advantage that we want to leverage.

Hardware by Incari

We are planning to build our own devices, such as tablets and cellphones, in addition to helping customers develop customized hardware. The devices will run on the Incari OS and fully realize all the possibilities of digital technologies.

Our Ecosystem: Micro-transactions & decentralized architecture

The technological requirements for security, privacy and scalability call for a new micropayment system for users, services and applications. Therefore, we are building a decentralized platform according to these principles, a new marketplace for new opportunities. There is no limit to the imagination of designers, developers and service providers to easily develop new services based on Incari, to access the knowledge and work of other developers, and to roll out offerings faster to the user’s immediate environment.