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Unpacking the power of prefabs in Incari Studio 2023.1

Incari Studio, a leading tool in HMI development, offers a broad array of features designed to streamline the creation process and enhance collaborative efforts among designers, developers, and engineers. One integral feature that significantly improves the Incari user experience is the use of prefabs.

A screenshot of the Incari Studio interface showcasing the creation of a new prefab, with various design and logic elements visible.

Revolutionizing object creation with prefabs

Prefabs stands for prefabricated objects and allow users to build multiple individual instances of a combination of objects and make changes across all instances. The potential benefits are huge: Users can easily create several objects with similar functionality, yet with unique properties, using overrides. Additionally, each Prefab encapsulates its logic, meaning changes to a Prefab’s logic are automatically enacted across all instances.

Harnessing the Power of Prefabs in Incari Studio 2023.1

Harnessing the power of prefabs in Incari Studio

In Incari Studio, prefabs bring a new level of efficiency and consistency to the development process. Users can leverage these objects to avoid redundant logic and ensure uniformity. For example, imagine an object with various elements you want to reuse for various projects. With minor alterations, you could for example reuse a clock and alter minor details to change the look and feel, while keeping the same base structure and functionality. Being able to transfer the base logic and design between these instances with a single click – that’s the power of prefabs in Incari Studio.

Moreover, prefabs can be packed with all the necessary assets and logic into a single exportable asset, making them easy to share and re-import in other projects. This ability enhances the collaborative workflow and allows teams to construct a consistent reusable asset library, dramatically increasing efficiency.

Harnessing the Power of Prefabs in Incari Studio 2023.1

Nested prefabs: the game changer

The flexibility of Incari Studio extends to the concept of Nested prefabs. A Nested Prefab is an instance of a Prefab stored within another Prefab. Developers can create individual prefabs and then combine them to form more complex structures while maintaining the flexibility and the advantages of Prefabs. Nested prefabs offer a powerful and efficient way to design, develop, and manage assets. They promote modularity, ensure consistency, and streamline the development process, making them an indispensable tool in HMI development.

Enhanced 2D workflow with prefab support

With the release of Incari Studio 2023.1, we have introduced support for 2D prefabs. Users can now build, adapt, and reuse 2D prefabs across projects, further streamlining the design and development process.

By enabling a higher degree of consistency, efficiency, and flexibility in design and logic, prefabs make it possible for users to create more complex and immersive HMIs. As we continue to innovate and expand the functionalities of prefabs, we’re committed to providing an intuitive, collaborative, and powerful platform for HMI development, allowing teams to reduce development time and build next-generation user experiences.