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Incari Studio 2021.3 released

We are very happy to announce the release of Incari Studio 2021.3!
The new version offers a lot of new functions. From our point of view, the most exciting innovation: 2D space objects can now be manipulated in pixels as well as Primitives and Normal mapping in 3D space and a brand new Profiler optimizes your projects. Please read below more about the other new functions!


What’s new?

2D Space & Sprites

2D Space & Sprites

Incari now has two distinct working spaces: 3D and 2D.  Use the new 2D Space to create 2D Objects such as Sprites, Images, and Text that do not need Z-axis coordinates.


3D Primitives

In Version 2021.3, you can now create 3D Primitives.  Primitives are three-dimensional geometric shapes that can be used as the building blocks for creating complex geometric objects.  These new primitives include a cube, cylinder, dome, plane, sphere, spring, and torus.


Directional Lights

Directional Lights can now be added to 3D scenes.  Use directional lights to illuminate your scene as if it is lit by a distant light source.


Normal Maps

Normal Maps can now be used in Incari to add texture and surface details to 3D objects without using more polygons.


Project Profiler

The new Profiler tool can help you identify the resources being used in any project, all from directly within Incari.