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Incari Studio 2021.1 release is here!

Incari GmbH is thrilled to announce that Incari Studio 2021.1 has been just released. Incari Studio comes with brand new features such as new Vector engine, WebGL Support by our internal web render engine, performance increase by over 120x and much more.

The most important part is, that Incari Studio comes with a new subscription license model. Starting at 14,90 € per month. Check it out and download a 14 days trial.

Incari Studio v2021.1

What’s new?

Vector tools

Vector tools.

With Incari 2021.1 comes a range of new vector-based Objects, to create customizable graphics for your projects. One of the powerful implications of these new Objects is that it is now possible to control their Attributes using the Logic Editor, affording many more possibilities for data-driven graphics and user interaction.

The initial line-up of vector Objects is: ArcEllipseLabelLinePie, and Rectangle.


Compiled logic

Compiled Logic.

In previous versions of Incari, logic created in the Logic Editor generated code and interpreted that code at runtime. In the new version, however, that is no longer the case. Incari 2021.1 now comes with an integrated compiler. The logic gets converted into C++ code and then compiled into machine code before the user runs the project. What this means in practical terms is that there is a dramatic increase in the speed at which logic is executed, with some benchmarks showing a 120x speed increase when compared with the previous version.


Video Player.

You now have the ability to use videos directly in Incari, via the Video Objects. With this new addition, of course, comes a new set of Nodes and Events, to link your control graphics with the Logic of your application.

Incari - Skyrocket Performance

Skyrocket performance.

The way in which Incari serializes data has been greatly improved in the new version, providing a 40% speed increase when saving and loading, and creating and editing assets.