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INCARI Studio 1.2 released

We have just released our latest version of INCARI Studio, the automotive HMI creation platform for designers and engineers.
We are going to release new versions on a regular basis. You will see a lot of improvements and cool new features in the version 1.2 release.

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** INCARI Studio 1.2 out now!


** List Widgets

You have now the possibility to create complex lists, i.e. menus, contact list, music playlists… List Widgets are fully customizable.

** Model Editor

Create, manage and use your data directly in INCARI Studio with the help of the new intuitive Model Editor.

** Code Editor

Edit your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly from within INCARI Studio’s new Code Editor with syntax highlighting and autocomplete with Intellisense

** New Math nodes for logics

We have added lots of new math nodes to create complex logic
Abs, Avg, Ceil, Clamp, Cos, Floor, Log, MathConst, max, min, pow, rad2deg, root, Sin

** INCARI Studio documentation

Any questions?
Find all basic answers in our online documentation ( , which is improving every day to make it easier for you to leverage INCARI Studio to its fullest extent.
Check out our new beginner tutorial ( on the documentation page