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Incari’s PBR extensions and glTF integration

Two new elements and extensions from the latest Incari Studio release are connected to 3D graphics and rendering. Malte Decker, Tech Artist at Incari, shares how these elements in Incari Studio can help you improve and optimize your HMI ventures.

When I started working in the 3D industry around 8 years ago, there were two widely used 3D model transferring routes, OBJ and FBX. This left two options – rebuilding assets if transferred between software or biting the bullet and leaving all designers to learn the same software. Today, there are more options and ways to seamlessly transfer and create high-quality graphics.

glTF, the Jpeg for 3D

A new file format is paving the way for software application file transfers. glTF, Graphics Language Transmission Format, is an open, royalty-free 3D Data Format with top-level elements like animation data, textures, materials, and object hierarchy, to name a few.

Easy to incorporate external 3D designs without retouching and modifying and memory efficient. This makes it a great candidate for web and cases of limited resources. glTF 2.0 now also supports modern physically-based rendering materials, compatible with all rendering APIs. The list of software supporting glTF is growing with some services even built around it, like Sketchfab.

The 3D artist’s bread and butter

PBR uses a physical understanding of light transport to define lighting rules for 3D-based images in the shading and rendering process. Visualizing material properties like roughness and metalness to create highly realistic 3D models.

The extension of PBR materials in Incari Studio offers even more customization. You can use texture for more granular control over spots of roughness. Think of black as 0% and white as 100%.

With the help of multiple textures, like color, roughness, and ambient occlusion, you create a PBR material. All textures are automatically mapped correctly in Incari with a dedicate PBR Shader. Creating higher visual fidelity and reducing manual work. Here is an example of an interactive render made with Incari Studio.

Why Incari is your solution

Modern HMIs increasingly rely on 3D rendering. Incari Studio offers seamless integration of 3D packages and modular architecture. Work on highly realistic and customizable materials with PBR and natively interact with glTF models. A streamlined workflow between Incari Studio and your 3D creation software tool. No need for additional imports or exports.

Download your 14-day free trial of Incari Studio here. Looking to work together with Incari on your latest HMI project? Reach out to our sales team for more information on our enterprise plan.