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German citizens want a European operating system

If Europe wants to have a future, it must become technologically sovereign. This includes sovereignty over its own data and a self-determined choice of the operating system. A representative survey by the opinion research institute Civey on Europe Day 2022 shows: The vast majority of Germans would like to see a European operating system for computers, smartphones, cars, and other digital devices. Three out of four Germans would rather use European solutions than U.S. or Chinese technologies.

European Data Security Shelter

Our vision as Incari is an European operating system that does not only embodies the current zeitgeist of its own digital decade but also secures competitiveness in Europe as a business location.

Who owns the digital world? In the perception of many, probably those who can shape it with their power. And in the digital world, that is neither the sovereign nor the state. Rather, it is the platforms of international technology corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Alibaba. “This results in problems relevant to democracy — both in terms of visibility determined by algorithms and in terms of the identity-forming function of the community,” explains our CEO Osman Dumbuya.

The path to a technologically sovereign society

We at Incari are working on our own European operating system and want to create a sustainable alternative to Windows, iOS, Android, and Asian platform models. This is also the direction we’re taking at Scale-Up Europe, the European innovation initiative by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The basis for this is a completely new digital ecosystem that conserves resources and is based on five pillars: an application development platform, a digital marketplace, proprietary hardware devices, computer components, and the Incari OS, a European operating system.

With a European operating system, we are moving technological sovereignty from the enterprise to the individual level. We are ending the one-sided dependence on current offerings and their technical linkages. We’re betting on a restart that unleashes the full potential hidden in an operating system.

European Data Security Shelter

A European operating system creates a protective space for data security, data authenticity, and the property rights of users, thus defying the seemingly overpowering logic of the market.

Incari OS is a completely new development and works particularly fast, energy-efficient, and can be operated visually-intuitively. We are advocating the empowerment of citizens in Europe and giving them nothing less than the opportunity to finally take responsibility for their data.

Civey survey shows desire for Europe’s digital decade

A recent representative survey conducted by the opinion research institute Civey in April 2022 shows that that we are striking a chord with the German population with this idea: More than 70 percent of respondents would prefer a European operating system over American or Chinese providers.


Civey Survey, April 2022


The results reveal users’ deep mistrust of the business practices of Microsoft, Google, Huawei, and Alibaba. Around 68 percent of respondents stated that they would use a European alternative based on values such as freedom and legal certainty. The same (or better) functionality, data security, and data sovereignty are the decisive arguments for changing the operating system.

“Only if we as a society become self-determined in our digital actions, i.e. technologically sovereign, can we secure Europe’s economic future and our prosperity in a globalized networked world in the face of aging digital infrastructures and an increasingly volatile geopolitical landscape,” says Osman Dumbuya. At Incari, we want to contribute to this.


Civey Survey, April 2022


Plea for a technologically sovereign Europe

For Europe Day 2022, we as Incari are now publishing a first impetus: an ‘Appeal for a technologically sovereign Europe’. With this whitepaper, we explain why technological sovereignty is a crucial milestone for Europe. The digital paper also shows what obstacles lie ahead on the path to a technologically sovereign society and what needs to be done and thought about — politically and economically — to resolve them.

Read our latest whitepaper now:

English >> An appeal for a technologically sovereign Europe.
German >> Plädoyer für ein technologisch souveränes Europa.