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All users, from beginners to experts, will be able to accomplish very complex tasks in no time with our software.

Incari Studio 2022.2 is available for downloading now. This release brings you plenty of new features focussed on increasing work flexibility, efficiency, and creativity. In this blog post, we are sitting down with Abdallah Huballah, Incari’s CTO, to learn more about these new features and how Incari Studio is changing the game for HMI solutions.

Hi Abdallah, can you tell us more about Incari Studio 2022.2?

The release of Incari Studio 2022.2 is our most feature-packed release to date. Our team worked tirelessly for months. We introduced features such as Nested Prefabs, Post Effects, a 2D workflow, and a new camera system. In addition, we have implemented a tagging system, Lottie integration, and support for Virtual and Mixed Reality.

But that is not everything. Alongside new features, we also dedicated a lot of time to enhancing older functionalities and optimizing performance and stability. Our main goal for this launch was to help users, from designers to developers, accomplish their tasks with even higher efficiency and elegantly.

What feature are you personally most excited about for users to play around with?

I would say the 2D workflow because it is a major addition to the software. It has so many benefits, and I am excited for people to start exploring the new workflow. Human Machine Interfaces are still largely done in 2D. The 2D workflow is pixel-perfect, easy to understand, and highly performant. Another thing that is very cool is the interoperability with design tools such as Figma, Canva, and Photoshop.

With this new workflow, we are introducing 2D scenes with smooth integration into 3D environments. It was important to us that we didn’t limit our users to either 2D or 3D. We aim to maximize results for our users.

Another addition is Nested Prefabs. What is this feature about and what are the benefits?

This feature increases flexibility and creates a more organized workspace. A Nested Prefab is a Prefab instance stored within another Prefab. One benefit is that you can build larger and more complex systems. You can maintain Prefab references in another Prefab, providing increased usability flexibility to accommodate operations and structural changes.

How will these new features help creatives and developers build stronger and sounder HMI solutions?

Several features focus on simplifying tedious tasks. Nested Prefabs, for example, is a game changer for repetitive tasks. Expanded support for tools such as Lottie makes importing and reusing existing assets into Incari Studio even easier. Another thing we spent a lot of time on was optimizing the Incari Player runtime. The startup time has decreased significantly, making our player highly performant.

Do you have any words of advice for HMI designers that would like to start using Incari Studio?

We have a 30-day free trial available for everyone so that beginners and experts alike can test our development platform. I would say the best way to get started is to simply go for it. Incari Studio is designed to help and support everyone’s unique and personal journey. We always keep ease of use in mind making for a very shallow learning curve. New users are able to accomplish very complex tasks in no time with our software. We also offer a range of demo projects on Incari Hub, where you can get inspiration or find a basic project to build on.

Can you tell us anything about future releases for Incari Studio?

There are a lot of things that we would like to implement into Incari Studio in the future. For our next release, we will continue to work on the 2D workflow and apply improvements. We want to add importers for design tools and improve our 3D capabilities. Of course, we will always look to improve the performance of both Incari Studio and Incari Player. These are only a few of the things we are planning. I can’t yet give away anything more, so stay tuned to find out more.

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