Integrate the future of HMI development today

A UI design tool combining high-end technologies, seamless runtime, and simulator.

Incari Studio brings designers, engineers, and service providers to work together on one platform. Providing a smooth integrated workflow without transaction gaps.

  • Fast and simple

    Rapid prototype by creating widgets with logic, and repurpose them for different user interface designs.

  • Ease-of-use

    No need to be a coding expert to create interactive user interfaces with Incari. Visual coding is used to create logic and commands by connecting built-in nodes.

  • Plug & play technologies

    Incari offers a wide range of third-party software and hardware integrations for every use case scenario. Easily test new concepts and innovative technologies in your projects.

  • Native 3D environment

    The native Incari 3D engine enables the creation of dynamic user interfaces by supporting versatile data formats in one environment and empowers augmented reality.

A runtime engine for embedded systems to drive HMI's created with Incari Studio.

  • Supports every target system

    The player can run seamlessly on any platform. It is compiled automatically to the targeted systems without additional software integration.

  • Security

    Incari Player is highly secure through encryption. It uses several mechanisms to ensure the highest level of security.

A driving simulator with a hardware seating buck to test new user interfaces in a simulated traffic environment. With scenarios such as the sudden appearance of a pedestrian, an accident, weather conditions, or an overtaking car, the simulator brings tangible results in a user-centered approach.

Coming soon...