Incari Studio 2021.1 release is here!

Incari GmbH is thrilled to announce that Incari Studio 2021.1 has been just released. Incari Studio comes with brand new features such as new Vector engine, WebGL Support by our internal web render engine, performance increase by over 120x and much more.

Next generation platform for embedded HMI development

Easy to team up with designers, engineers and suppliers on one platform to simplify development process with future-proof technologies

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Who we are

We are a team of tech enthusiasts, known in the automotive industry as former co-founders of PI-VR, the originator of Autodesk VRED TM. We are focusing on delivering high-quality and easy-to-use tools for UI/UX designers and engineers. Our philosophy is based on high efficiency and professionalism delivering an HMI development platform to the industry.

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The latest news

Incari partners with Strate school of Design

Incari cooperates with Strate School of Design, Bangalore - India

Strate is the first design school worldwide to offer the exclusive opportunity to teach Incari Studio, part of the Incari HMI Development platform.

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