OS Engineer (m/f/d)


Contemporary operating systems cannot handle the increasingly complex environment anymore.
This leads to security vulnerabilities, inefficient usage of hardware resources and user frustration. Our mission at Incari is to revolutionize the entire OS experience by developing the next-generation operating system from scratch.

If you want to join this mission as OS Engineer (m/f/d) you should:

  • be a prolific developer that values quality over quantity
  • want to understand the details without loosing sight of the big picture
  • have experience in OS development – or be exceptionally motivated
  • be familiar with Rust – or learn the language in a few days
  • not be afraid of assembly language – but know when to avoid it
  • be an efficient debugger – or write (nearly) error-free code

To be successful here you should:

  • be comfortable with a startup-culture that values results over strict processes
  • be able to communicate in English and work in an international team
  • be happy to work in the middle of Berlin but also have a workplace at home (if desired)


About Incari:

Incari will change the way of interaction between human and machine. Responsible and invisible.

Incari is an international technology and software company specializing in the human-machine interface (HMI).

Incari provides the tools and technologies to make modern HMI systems a reality in the automotive industry as well as all other industries. To do this, we have built a software platform that enables designers and engineers to develop their own HMIs – quickly, easily and cost-effectively. 3D-first and augmented reality are central elements of Incari’s approach.

However, Incari will go one step further: We are working on a completely new operating system to perfectly match the capabilities of the Incari platform to hardware.

In addition to our headquarters in the center of Berlin, there is an office in Wrocław, Poland. We are already active in France and a location in the USA is planned. Incari was founded in April 2021 and emerged from the predecessor company CGI Studio GmbH. Currently, about 50 people from over 15 nations work for Incari.


Job Types: Full-time, Permanent