Newsroom: The future of the mobility industry is taking place in a new reality

With our December 2022 release, Incari Studio will support and integrate extended reality, and here is why we think this new feature is a must.

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Incari’s PBR extensions and glTF integration

Two new elements and extensions from the latest Incari Studio release are connected to 3D graphics and rendering. Malte Decker, Tech Artist at Incari, shares how these elements in Incari Studio can help you improve and optimize your HMI ventures.

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incur studio 2022.1

Incari Studio 2022.1 is here!

The new version of Incari Studio is now available, and we are very excited about the new features and improvements it brings to designers around the world. Here is an overview of what's new in Incari Studio 2022.1. Try it out!

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Incari presents state-of-the-art interfaces for the future of urban mobility at Top Marques Monaco

Prototype manufacturer L2concept and Monegasque drone expert MC CLIC present first successful project.

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Incari x L2 concept

Innovative Interfaces to Next Mobility Proofs of Concept

Incari partners with renowned prototype designer L2concept to develop avant garde interfaces for next gen AI driven show cars and concept cars.

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European Data Security Shelter

German citizens want a European operating system

If Europe wants to have a future, it must become technologically sovereign.

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Watch our brand new vision film about Incari technology

Together with filmmaker Michael de Vries, we at Incari have created a brand new vision film. A movie that shows what Incari is all about: Redefining the interaction between humans and machines. Our vision is to create a European digital ecosystem that is an alternative for the whole world in the future. Now everyone can get a glimpse of what that future might look like with Incari technology.

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Incari enables state-of-the-art interfaces in retrofitted classic cars

Incari GmbH has partnered with the renowned Strate School of Design Bangalore and the French company Design 1880 to jointly retrofit advanced human-machine interfaces (HMI) in classic cars as well as outdated but beloved road cars.

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Incari Studio 2021.5 released

We are excited to announce that Incari 2021.5 has just been released. It brings some new exciting features as well as plenty of improvements!

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Incari Studio - Seven Seas HMI

The cockpits of the future

Customized and intuitive interfaces – but not only in cars. Incari is working on a new HMI that taps the potential of digital technologies in the aviation and shipping industries.

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